Marilyn Mazur's FUTURE SONG Daylight Stories
Released september 2004.

1. New Rejoice
2. Deep Ground
3. Insist
4. Malibalo
5. Skystier
6. Subwaygroove
7. Søspejlet
8. Kalimbaduo
9. Animal Picnic
10. 8th Dream
11. Return
12. New Prayer

All compositions by Marilyn Mazur except intro for Søspejlet by Elvira Plenar and Animal Picnic by Marilyn Mazur and Klavs Hovman.

Recorded september 8th & 9th 2003, at SUN STUDIO by Bjarne Hansen assisted by Andreas Hvid. Mastered by Bjarne Hansen.
Produced by Marilyn Mazur assisted by Klavs Hovman.
Coverart by Marilyn Mazur. Layout by Paul Wilson

Listen to Malibalo

Listen to Søspejlet