Marilyn Mazur's TRYLLEMUSIK

Music and songs for Children (in danish)

Cathrine Nordseth vocals
Christina von Bülow sax
Frans Bak keyboards
Klavs Hovman bas
Marilyn Mazur drums

Music mostly by M. Mazur

Produced by Marilyn Mazur 1997


© 2002

This project started when Marilyn's son, Fabian, was in Kindergarten. She felt an urge to make a non-commercial music/performance for that age group.
One of the main ideas of this project is that music is magic and you can use it to stimulate your imagination – use it to go visit fantasy-places.
Another main idea is that there should be children are participating – singing, dancing, doing rituals, playing games…

The project/concept developed further when Tryllemusik (Magic-music) started playing school concerts all over Denmark.

The music on the CD is intended for children age 5 to 10.

Tryllemusik cover
Tryllemusik backcover